Increasing age and increasing hours of operation may decrease the productivity of your erosion machine.

Every year, new knowledge is obtained, new technologies and innovative control systems is developed and is installed in new machines.

A complete-overhauling of your used erosion machine, may make sense, if you want to use those developments, without considering to buy a new machine.

A reasonable action with overhauling your erosion machine, is the installation of our newly developed CNC path control PA 8000 LW.

The control system is explicitly designed to bring older erosion machines for about 30% of the price of an equivalent new machine up to date, relating to CNC and generator technology.

In addition to our own machines, we'll gladly take over the maintenance for the following erosion machines:

  • Schiess Nassovia OPTIMAT, AC-Generatoren, OPTIMATOR
  • Charmilles Nassovia Roboform 500-Serie
  • Maximart Senkerodiermaschinen ZNC
  • Hanst & Kilb FORMAXX-Baureihe